How to do a Reiki meditation for gratitude?

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Gratitude is one of the great virtues that works with Reiki, it is the third great principle of this movement. To express our gratitude is to be aware of the universe and the meaning of life. Do you want to try your turn? This article reveals you in exclusivity how to do a Reiki meditation for gratitude.

The practice of Reiki meditation

We can do a Reiki meditation to work and develop our gratitude. When all is well, we thank the universe. When things go wrong, we suffer and often we protest, we complain and we feel wronged. This is how humans work. Gratitude is therefore also an excellent exercise to understand the instability of life and the fact that everything does not always go in our direction. It starts with our birth and our growth. We observe the impermanence in our relationships, in the seasons, in the economy and in our ability to cope with situations. This concept of instability and permanent change does not exist for us to become frustrated or desperate, but it is incumbent for us to look for what is really important and to develop our consciousness. That’s the point of doing a Reiki meditation for gratitude.

The guide to do a Reiki meditation for gratitude

You can use this guide to do a Reiki Meditation for Gratitude:
Empty your mind
Connect to energy
Feel how you are, be aware of your body and mind
Recite the five principles, calmly, feeling each of them
Repeat them three times.
Visualise before you the question/situation that you have trouble understanding or accepting
Always keep in mind that the situation is outside of you, that you are in your center;
Let Reiki flow in you, fill your mind and heart with gratitude
Feel totally filled with energy
Whenever you inhale, feel that peace enter you
Whenever you exhale, imagine that peace is designed for the situation
When you are comfortable, let Reiki also mingle with the situation, as if the energy was passing through you and illuminating this problem and all those concerned by filling their minds and hearts
Feel the gratitude of this moment and let it express itself
Feel this gratitude to enlighten people
Feel this gratitude to bring you peace on the situation

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