How to clean your room with Reiki

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Despite a regular physical household, vacuum cleaner, dust, etc. it does not release stagnant energies. Even if you have done a regular cleansing of your aura, these energies remain. It is therefore important to intentionally do some energy cleaning of your home.

First of all, it goes without saying that your rooms are stored, ventilated and physically cleaned, according to the principles of Feng Shui. The less disruptive elements, the more energy can flow freely.

When should I do my cleanup?

Everything depends on your activities, the number of people in your household, the number of guests, the daily relationship in your place of life, etc. In fact, you should do it when you think it is good to do it. When you feel that the atmosphere becomes a bit heavy or that you have had some disturbances. You can also schedule it as a monthly cleaning. Do not do it everyday though. First, you will get bored. You should let the love energy settle. Before vigorously cleaning your room, you can do it without using incense, burned sage or according to your ritual habits. This will effectively supplement the energy of Reiki.

So here are some steps to bring back love and bright energy to your bedroom or home.

Like any Reiki practice, you must first center yourself and relax with a few breaths. Breathe, exhale for a few minutes. Adopt a relaxed position, preferably standing or sitting. Position yourself in the centre of the room. Place an intention “I ask that this energetic cleansing with Reiki brings tranquility, joy and love in this room“. Place the symbols of your degree in your hands and activate them. Trace on the wall in front of you, the symbol S1 and stretch it with both hands to the ends of the wall by activating 3x by saying its name.
Let the Reiki energy diffuse the negative energy and fill the area with white or golden love light. Continue for a few minutes until you feel you have to go to the next wall. Do the same with each wall, ceiling and floor.

Also trace the symbol S1 on the door and windows to protect the entrances.
Move around the corners of your room. In the corners, you can place balls of Reiki energy with the intention that these balls release Reiki energy into the room as soon as it needs it.
Come back to the centre of the room and with a Byosen or your intuition, look where it might have missed something and use your different symbols. Draw your symbol and send it to the required place. If you do not master the symbols, send energy to the desired place.

Finish by placing the intention that this room is now filled with love, peace, tranquility and joy. Thank the energy and make your protocol of end of care.

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