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You know which part of Reiki healing, London clients enjoy more than anything? It’s having the ability to genuinely release everything they are doing, producing, rushing towards and take a while to truly receive positive, peaceful, healing energy. There truly is magic in having the ability to completely let go and let life look after you. When we do this, life begins to feel more supportive, more energised and a lot more possible and this has enormous benefits for everyone that arrives in clinic.

How To Benefit From Reiki (leave a comment)

Let’s start with a chat on the phone and together let’s take a look at the all the steps you need to take to make sure your life is moving in the best way and how reiki can support you in taking your London life and launching you into a totally brand-new way of living in the world. This is a lot more than my just my work, reiki is my life, something I devote every day too and to be living my daily, mastering this artform is the greatest gift Ihave actually ever been given and I’m genuinely thankful.

The word Reiki breaks down into Rei– spiritual and Ki– energy. The essence of this healing art is formed from the understanding that behind this life, there is an intelligence that breathes life force into our daily experience, an energy that can be harnessed for healing, calming, reducing stress and helping us become as effective as we want to be. This is why I feel it’s so important in cities such as London where we can so easily forget ourselves and especially our health.

What is Reiki Healing?

Put simply Reiki healing is a procedure for transferring energy from a person’s body using only the hands of the practitioner. It is not a massage, where there’s compressing or kneading of the muscle mass. It’s a technique where the Reiki practitioner puts their hands on the client’s body until the energy is felt leaving them. The entire process may last for a few minutes or a longer time. There is no specified period for how much time it ought to take to remove the energy from specified parts of the body.

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