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Just What are Reiki Attunements?

Describing Reiki attunements can seem a bit challenging. Attunement is the procedure by which your body connects itself with Reiki energy on a much deeper level. It is this unique procedure which enables you and the practitioner to transfer your body’s life energy to one another. It is this transfer of energy that makes Reiki of such benefit to the body system. It will allow you to relax, and gives the body the capability to cure itself in a comfortable and natural way.

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Depression – How Reiki Healing Can Help

Reiki procedures may help depression symptoms by emptying the mind of the things that paralyze it. You should always keep in mind the fact that the body and mind are connected. If negative vibes are slowing your body down, depression is going to be one of the side effects. The calmness that Reiki has to offer, permits the mind to go slower and filter thoughts more efficiently. A mind which is plagued with depression is slower and won’t think as clearly.

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