How Does Reiki Energy Flow ?

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How Does Reiki Energy Flow ?

Amazing question!

The answer – it flows naturally.

Reiki energy is the building block of the universe, it’s consciousness and our job as channels for this energy is to direct it towards the people and situations that most need it.

It’s a wonderful process to become a channel for this light and it’s truly an honour to work with it!

Life has a hunger for itself, a great example of this is the bodies natural desire to heal or our inherent desire to always be learning and improving. Consciousness also wants the same, to always be creating and looking for opportunities to heal our lives. Reiki is a system of channelling that energy into the world for our highest good.

In truth the best way to understand it, is to experience it, to see how it feels and from there you’ll know exactly how reiki energy flows.

I’m really happy to chat about sessions for sure!


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