Happy at the Ashram

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In this part of my site i’m going to focus on what makes me tick, beautiful information that comes my way and anything I love. The first and most appropriate post is about about Shekin Ashram in Glastonbury. Why? because it’s where I am currently. My good friend Julie Mullen told me about the ashram in September last year and this is my 5th time in a year! It’s a truly magical space and an honour to come and visit. Glastonbury is seen by many traditions to be the heart chakra of the earth and there is something very special here that has to be experienced to be understood.

Shekin Ashram was set up 8 years ago as a space for contemplation and growth. It feels like home.

There is a feeling here of complete comfort, oneness and the progression of everyone here is the highest element on the agenda – if there is one!

The space in beautiful, the people loving and the food simply blessed. I can’t help but come back here every 2 or 3 months – it’s the perfect place to take time away from London

Love, Mark

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