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The art of healing by just laying hands has probably always existed. Secret, hidden or reserved for initiates for a long time. It is, thanks to Reiki, now accessible to everyone. Yes, you read it: to everyone!

Reiki is simply channeling and transmitting life energy. Which, by definition, is everywhere. If it has come down to us in this form, it is thanks to Mikao Usui, a professor of theology who lived in Japan at the end of the 19th century. Following a challenge from one of his students, he spent most of his life searching for the keys to healing. This is how he found a natural healing system which today is called Reiki. Very simple and immediately effective, this practice is also very pleasant, since the passage of energy through the hands is often perceived as a gentle heat.

Reiki: Everyone loves it, even animals

To be able to share Reiki, however, it is necessary to receive an initiation. It’s about a transmission of energy. It is this which then makes it possible to “connect”, to be connected as often and as much as one wishes to the Reiki energy, then redistribute it through different positions of the hands, to the person, the animal or even the plant that needs it.

Endowed with infinite wisdom, the energy of Reiki always acts for the greater good of the person being treated. Physically effective, it also acts emotionally and spiritually, always depending on the needs of the recipient. The care is to put the hands in different parts of the body of the recipient, who remains dressed, and let the energy flow freely. Reiki is much more than just a healing technique. The more you practice it, the more you invite to open your heart, which makes for some a real meditation.

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