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Reiki is a Japanese term meaning “the strength of the mind”. This practice was discovered and founded by Mikao USUI in 1922. REI evokes the Celestial aspect (invisible and subtle) while the KI represents the inner energy of the man. The latter is known essentially in the practice of martial arts as in karate or Qi Gong where it applies to nurture and develop the skills of the followers.

Thus, the Rei Ki is the association of meditation and relaxing touch in order to connect the energy present in us with the Universal energy. In the West, Reiki is better known as “Universal Energy” or “Cosmic Energy”. This practice helps to find the right balance in the body and human life. With this, the human being will be able to maintain his intrinsic natural potentials to achieve his natural and sustainable well-being.

Reiki: A “Love” Energy

The practice of Reiki provides dual protection for both the Receiver and the Practitioner. Indeed, for the recipient, it is transmitted in the body areas to treat and stops itself when they are fed enough. There is therefore no risk of excess. On the other hand, it ensures the protection of the practitioner against the waste energy of the recipient. In short, this practice achieves and develops universal energy for the well-being of humans, their loved ones, plants, animals and the world.

Who can practice Reiki

Reiki can be practiced by everyone. No special aptitude or knowledge, or even a gift, is necessary to practice it.

The benefits of Reiki

Like all energy practices, the practice of Reiki has many benefits. Moreover, it is distinguished from other practices by its ability to manage the internal energies of the body but also the spirit. In fact, by releasing our blocked internal energies, responsible for body tensions (aches, pains, certain diseases) and spiritual (stress, anxiety, anxiety, burnout), this practice allows the person treated to benefit at the same time of the benefits you get from relaxation and meditation. It also:

Relieves some physical disorders
Regenerates the cells
Promotes relaxation
Promotes concentration
Gently acting on the trauma of the past
Provided with peace and serenity
Promotes the link between donor/recipient
The well-being effects of Reiki are sustainable compared to other energy practices. It is a health practice that makes you feel good in your head and body!

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