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Pranic and Reiki Healing

Reiki and Pranic are 2 different techniques for restorative healing. While they do concentrate on the exact same energy, the technique for locating it and extracting it varies. The best approach to learn which one you need is to chat with a certified therapist. They should soon guide you in the right direction. With that said, it is worth pointing out that both practices can produce impressive outcomes. There never is a universal solution, and this is why you need to talk with an established therapist before deciding what would be perfect for your specific health problem.

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Reiki Therapy for Insomnia

Those who are undergoing enormous amounts of stress or those who have health problems, sometimes experience insomnia. Reiki treatment can reduce insomnia by attacking the primary causes. Often the cause of insomnia may not be as straightforward as you think. In fact it comes down to the amount of energy in the body. You need help to remove or add the appropriate amounts of energy. An expert Reiki practitioner can help you with that. They’ll redirect the energy to ensure that you’re able to get to sleep more easily.

Reiki Healing – What is It?

Put simply Reiki healing is a technique for drawing energy from a patient’s body using only the hands. It’s not like a massage, where there’s a rubbing or compressing of the muscle mass. It’s a procedure whereby the Reiki therapist places their hands on the patient’s body up to the point that the energy is felt leaving them. This whole process normally takes a matter of minutes or a longer period of time. There’s no specified period for just how much time it should take to transfer the energy from particular body areas.

Reiki treatment can help with feelings of anxiety by transporting you into a chilled state. The anxiety wane as soon as you allow your brain to deal with your surroundings in the correct way. Those of you who are always in a state of extreme panic and it seems like there are billions of different thoughts dashing through your brain. Only when your thoughts are relaxed does the ability to resolve issues present itself. The reason behind why you will have a lesser degree of anxiousness soon after Reiki is that the body will be really chilled. Shortly after that your mind will follow suit.

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