The only similarity between the two is that in these disciplines, we work with energy. When transmitting Reiki (Universal Energy of Life), different protocols of imposition of hands are applied. There is energy diffusion, not magnetic passes. The energy is diffused by itself into the parts of the body that need it without having to be directed. When the organ is sufficiently nourished, the flow stops by itself. There is no fear of “overdose”. We do not manipulate. The practitioner let it flow and spread the energy when the magnetiser manipulates it. This energy cannot be manipulated, so do not fear that the weakened energies or bad thoughts go to the  recipient.

The Reiki practitioner is a channel through which energy flows to the person receiving the care. The practitioner does not give his own energy and takes nothing from the recipient. Reiki only goes in the sense of “donor / recipient”, the practitioner will not be weakened by the “waste” energies of the recipient. The practitioner follows a protocol but can also work with his intuition. The word “imposition” simply indicates that you put your hands lightly on the person. We can also hold them at a distance without diminishing the effectiveness of the treatment, for people who are suffering physically or do not support the “direct touch”.