Difference Between Magnetism and Reiki

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Magnetic healing

This is the most common technique because it is instinctive, part of our collective memory. An example is the case of the mother who cuddles her child when he cries: she puts all her energy and her love at her child’s disposal in order to to relieve him of his suffering or sorrows. In other words, magnetic healing is about moving your own energy into someone else’s body. This technique is quite valid, as long as it is only occasionally used. Indeed, if it is practiced so intensive, magnetic healing has two major disadvantages for the magnetiser:

* It literally empties the practitioner of his own energy reserve

* The negative energies are recovered by the magnetiser who feels, in turn, the symptoms of the person treated.

On the side of the receiver, there is another disadvantage not to be underestimated: it certainly receives the energy of the magnetiser, but this energy is not “filtered”, that is to say that despite all its best intentions, the magnetiser can transmit negative energy (from itself or previous consultations). This is a natural phenomenon, the magnetiser is not to blame!

Fortunately, there are techniques for the donor (the magnetiser) to clean up after each session. But some negative energies are stubborn and resistant to these manipulations.

Here are some cleaning exercises to carry out if this happens:

* Drink a large glass of water after treatment. Then wash both hands under a cold water tap up to the elbows, and let water run from elbows to fingertips. Finally, go to the bathroom if possible.


* Kneel and pace both hands over your solar plexus (the tips of your fingers must touch each other). Exhale through your mouth, slowly but forcefully, leaning forward until your forehead touches the ground. Repeat this exercise 3 times. Then: place your forearms in front of you at a 90 ° angle with your elbows, and shake your hands several times quickly. Finally, wash your hands as in the first exercise.

Channeled healing

The Reiki practitioner, from his first initiation, becomes a “channel”, that is to say he is able to convey the Reiki energy, or life energy universal (100% positive).

During his training, the Reiki Master gave him the ability to capture this bio-available energy and retransmit it. This practice has several advantages for both the Reiki practitioner and the recipient:

* The practitioner does not deplete his energy reserve during treatment, quite the contrary, since he takes advantage of the Reiki energy that crosses it as much as the receiver.

* It is a one-way energy, that is, it is transmitted from the donor to the recipient, but the recipient does not transmit his own energy to the donor. Thus, the donor does not recover the energy footprint of the Reiki practitioner, and in turn, the practitioner does not recover the energies of the recipient.

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