Definition and Origin of Usui Reiki

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Definition and meaning of “Reiki”

Translation and definition of the word Reiki

The Japanese and meditator Mikao USUI (1865 – 1922) founded the “Reiki”. The French Federation of Traditional Reiki asked a Japanese translator for the translation of the word “Reiki”. With regard to this word, she explains that it is composed of:
Japanese kanji “Rei”, whose translation is “spirit” (in the sense: conscience)
and the Japanese kanji “Ki”, ​​meaning “energy”.

In fact, Japanese professionals translated the word “Reiki” in the first instance by: the “strength of the spirit”. It also gives, in second instance, the possible translation of ‘energy of the spirit’.

Meaning of Traditional Reiki

Reiki is a method that allows everyone to develop their strength of mind.
Indeed, it makes it possible to go in search of its inherent natural resources. Its meaning is to know how to cope with the vagaries of life, and so to go towards its natural fulfillment.

Meaning of the word “traditional”

Mikao Usui never spoke of universal energy. But a method of universal access. Indeed, regardless of his cultural education, every human being has all the resources in him to live well. This is what the term “Traditional” implies. In fact, traditional Reiki fits beyond beliefs and cultural affiliations. In reality, traditional Reiki relies entirely on the functioning of human consciousness to make everyone reach their happiness. In this sense, it comes from the functional and natural tradition of the human being.

Important: “traditional” does not refer to a Japanese tradition, or a Japanese philosophy, under the pretext that the founder of Reiki was Japanese. It should not be Japanese or have been trained in Japan to gain legitimacy practice of Reiki.

What is Traditional Reiki, or Usui Reiki?

The rare writings of Mikao Usui show that the original form used meditative relaxation by touch. A method of well-being, it helps everyone develop their inherent abilities. For example, when someone cannot be globally creative. What annihilates this potential, present in the professional environment, to express oneself in one’s personal life? Reiki solves these shortcomings.

The energy therapy of Reiki focuses on the person himself to free him from his blockages. Through his work of therapeutic meditative touch, the practitioner helps him release his tensions of the body and the mind and thus access his natural potentials solution. In the Traditional Reiki, we speak in this sense of natural health of the body and Reiki is a practice of self-knowledge, because the person discovers his potentials and learns to perpetuate them.

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