Cure cancer with alternative medicine like Reiki

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Healing cancer with alternative medicine

The site of the Foundation against Cancer summarises what alternative medicine means: “The Anglo-Saxons have replaced the term ‘alternative’ with the ‘unproven method’ which means ‘unproven method’. The term ‘alternative’ falsely suggests that there is another way that is faster, more efficient or more enjoyable, to achieve a cure. However, unproven methods are not ‘alternative’ routes that could avoid the disadvantages of ‘conventional’ treatments.”

Is Reiki an alternative medicine?

Often associated with alternative or unconventional medicine, Reiki is actually a practice of meditative relaxation through touch. Its primary meaning is to live your life as best you can, whether you are sick or not. It allows to stop the mechanisms generating psychic suffering.  In fact, it is a prevention of health and induces a better-being. Moreover, well-being has nothing to do with the disease. Reiki does not fit into the medical field. It can not therefore be a substitute for chemotherapeutic and/or classical treatments. It does not cure cancer, despite false information circulating on the internet. This is why Reiki cannot be defined as soft medicine, unconventional, natural, parallel, etc. To associate it with a form of medicine while talking about Reiki care is a deviation from Reiki. This deviation is unfortunately widespread and leads even to therapeutic drifts. We must therefore remain cautious in the face of people defining Reiki as unconventional medicine, some of which claim that it can cure cancer.

What do we know about the effects of Reiki in the face of cancer?

We focus here only on Reikiology. This is professional Reiki (BAC + 3) and certified (quality label ISQ-OPQF). In addition, the well-being and anti-stress effects of Reikiology are clinically proven. This is the only form of Reiki proposed to date that has proven itself in terms of training, the demonstration of its functioning and its effects.

The effects of a wellness practice

However, in addition to medical treatments to cure cancer, it is possible to benefit from an unconventional method of well-being. For example, massage promotes muscle relaxation. This remains a significant help for people with cancer, whose bodies and minds are under stress because of stress, pain or even treatments.

The benefits of meditation

We know that meditation promotes the proper functioning of the immune system, essential to fight against the disease. With a better immune system is it possible to cure cancer? Even doctors cannot say for sure! However, a Reiki session based on deep relaxation is very suitable as support.

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