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How Does Reiki Energy Work?

A Reiki practitioner can add or get rid of energy exactly where it’s needed. Although the actual technique can seem quite challenging, everything is achieved with their hands. A Reiki practitioner will know where to put their hands and for how long. You will recognize that it is having an effect by the sensation you have on the particular area of your body that they are concentrating on. You will sense the life energy coming and going as the therapist works on the areas that are afflicted.

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Reiki Attunements – What are They?

The notion of Reiki attunements can seem quite challenging for the layman. Attunement is the procedure by which one’s body connects (attunes) itself with the universal source of Reiki much more deeply. It is this procedure which allows you and the therapist to pass your body’s life energy to one another. It’s the transfer of energy which is why Reiki is of such benefit to the body system. It helps you to de-stress, and it gives one’s body a chance to heal itself in a natural way.

How Reiki Can Change Your Life

The experience of Reiki can change your life, because it presents you with the cabability to get in tune with nature. You will never have experienced the type of peace and calmness that the world of Reiki provides. One’s body will be harmonized with all that surrounds you. For the first time in your entire life, you will be a part of the world, and not just in it. Each and every aspect of your daily life will be different. You can expect to think of yourself as being part of the bigger picture and not just a character in it. This is all achievable if you embrace the peacefulness and calmness which Reiki is able to provide.

The word Reiki breaks down into Rei– spiritual and Ki– energy. The essence of this healing art is formed from the understanding that behind this life, there is an intelligence that breathes love into our daily existence, an energy that can be harnessed for recovery, calming, lowering tension and helping us become as effective as we want to be. This is why I feel it’s so essential in cities such as London where we can so easily forget ourselves and especially our health.

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