ANIMAL REIKI – Welfare for animals

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Reiki acts on the energy circuits of the body. All animals are very sensitive and very receptive to Reiki energy. Reiki will reduce your pet’s stress and anxiety (ie, stress greatly reduces their life expectancy). Reiki relieves pain, soothes emotional and behavioral disorders, relieves inflammation, promotes relaxation, promotes self-healing processes and stimulates vital processes.

In which cases can Reiki be used with an animal?

Whenever a problem arises, when there is a particular need: psychically or emotionally. It can be used for his well-being, to relax him, to keep him healthy without him having a particular problem. Reiki can also be used for physical pain, illness, accident, burn, fracture, fear, anxiety, tremors, behaviour problems, aggression, lack of tone, bulimia, before and after surgery, during convalescence, calving, breastfeeding, in addition to medical treatment and also at the end of life in order to soothe the animal and promote the transition.

Depending on the problem of your pet, you can give him 1 to 2 sessions/day or 1 session/week. The duration of 1 session varies from 10 to 45 minutes. With this training, you will be at the same time initiated to the 1st degree of Reiki Usui (you will be able to use this method for you or your relatives). You will acquire powerful tools to help, calm and relieve your pet.

Reiki is not a substitute for medicine or any medical treatment. It is a very effective method of natural care complementary to allopathic medicine. In case of problems, the first thing to do is to consult your veterinarian.

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