A practice of well-being for serenity and well-being

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What is the true meaning of Reiki?

A sense of Reiki often overused

Many people fall under the traps of charlatans. Indeed, they promise to cure incurable diseases. But also to solve financial and sentimental problems with Reiki. However, this practice created by the Japanese Mikao Usui has completely different and more realistic foundations.

Reiki, a tool of natural well-being and serenity

The meaning of reiki is simple. According to its founder who is a master of meditation, Reiki is a simple tool of well-being. It is based on the exploitation of the natural resources that every human being possesses in him. He makes us evolve towards a better perception of life, and acquire more strength to face the problems encountered on a daily basis. It is therefore only a tool that can be used to live better, not a miracle cure.

Journey of founder Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui is a traveler and a researcher who has studied the mechanisms of well-being and ill-being. Through his observations and research during his travels abroad, he developed the Reiki and made it a ‘universal’ practice that can work for all, regardless of cultures and beliefs. The control of this method of well-being is thus accessible to all those. All you have to do is try and learn.

The Reiki session

Regarding the role of the practitioner during the course of a Reiki session, it is mainly to accompany the consultant to awaken a spiritual force. It hides in the depths of itself. For this, it uses a secular meditation, associated with a light and relaxing touch. It should be noted, however, that the practitioner is not a healer with a single gift. He does not transmit any energy to the consultant. His work comes down to meditating for the person, so that it goes by resonance in its depth and accesses its natural potentials.

To conclude

In short, the meaning of Reiki is to have a means to overcome the malaise, eliminate all forms of psychological suffering and live serenely – this is called positive mental health. With renewed energy, everyone can experience the benefits of reiki and fight more easily their psychological imbalances. This is obviously stress, anxiety or mood depression. You can also understand any situation with a positive angle of mind. The state of health in general can also improve. It is important to emphasise that the meditation practiced during the Reiki session has a profound effect. This is why it brings lasting happiness, especially when it is carried out according to the reiki foundations developed by Mikao Usui.

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